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Benefits for Kids

Here’s why so many parents choose Dayton Quest Center as their partner in exceptional child raising…

  You know how some kids move through life feeling uncertain and disconnected?

We use To-Shin Do martial arts to teach children how to be powerful and aware so they can live a safe and happy and fulfilling life.

Imagine your child…

…growing into a person with more self-directed focus at home and at school

…growing into a person with more respect for self and others

…happy to feel accomplished in an important and valuable skill

…knowing how to discern danger and get to safety if needed

Your child excelling at life and becoming a person of presence

— that’s our mission at the Dayton Quest Center for Martial Arts.

To-Shin Do martial arts adventure-based leadership training teaches how to stand up for what is right, how to take care of others in challenging moments, how to look your best — best fitness, best posture, best health — so you stand out in a crowd as a person who matters!

We help you teach your child the lessons dearest to your heart as a parent.

We use To-Shin Do martial arts training to teach how to grow up with honest confidence, knowing the value of teamwork, how to reach for a challenging goal, encouraging others, and all about focus, dignity, life-long love of healthy fitness, and the strength that comes with being cheerfully tough and resilient. We know you want all that for your child.

We offer a sure path to youth empowerment and leadership

With each seemingly routine but truly magical class, your child practices the art of winning – paying attention, building strength, achieving goals, associating with people who seek centeredness, expanding their ability to take care of others, and nurturing a sense of community and connectedness.

Martial Arts are a great way to help your child grow up proud and capable!

Children today need to feel more secure in the world. But they also need to learn they are ultimately responsible for creating that security for themselves. To learn this big life lesson, they must learn to keep going through things that would hold them back. In a systematic, safe and fun way, SKH Quest To-Shin Do will help your child explore and stretch all the physical, mental and winning spirit boundaries.

To-Shin Do martial arts training is all about perseverance – intelligence and commitment combined. We transform young lives by teaching children to avoid negative forces while developing their strengths – creating leaders and peacemakers dedicated to using their training to benefit the community.

Leader, follower, or loner – which one do you want your child to become?

SKH Quest martial arts training provides the opportunity and the skills to overcome any obstacle on the path to success by teaching:

•    Leadership – How to take charge so that everyone can win
•    Focus – Eyes and mind unfailingly on the right target
•    Perseverence – Sticking with a noble but challenging goal
•    Confidence – Positive ways to win no matter what life brings
•    Compassion – The truly powerful extend care for all
•    Respect – The importance of treating others with dignity
•    Conflict Resolution – How to make and keep peace
•    Fitness – Life-long love of healthy vibrant living
•    Teamwork – Bringing out the best in everyone

True self esteem is earned through struggle, not awarded as a present

Kids think we are cool in our black belts, but parents know we are their best allies in helping them raise and empower their children.


“I will never forget the day my daughter first stepped on the mat. That day stands out for both of us as one of the most important of her life.”

– Kathy Arnold, mom of high school To-Shin Do Black Belt daughter

Better health, higher fitness, more mental and emotional clarity, a lot of new friendships, and many adventure experiences await your child.

We invite you to use our To-Shin Do martial arts classes to help raise your child to become a self-actualized adult you will be proud to see walking purposefully in the world.

Benefits for Adults

Here’s why so many successful adults enroll and continue training at Dayton Quest Center…

  You know how sometimes you can feel like you’ve lost control over life?

You feel locked in place – caught, conflicted, unable to do the right thing in some physical, mental, or emotional challenge at work, on the street, or even at home?

What we do is teach people how to strengthen their abilities to make the right thing happen, so they are better able to stay safe, at peace, and happy.

  A Great Way to Reaffirm the Power in Your Life!

The ability to handle stress and crisis situations effectively, powerfully, and successfully is a skill, and you can learn this skill.

Focused disciplined training under expert teachers in an authentic self-protection martial art is the key to personal preparation for facing conflicts and confrontation that can surprise us in the course of daily living.

  Some of the best moments of your week will be time spent in action at our school!

There are obvious benefits as well as hidden ones. After six years I am still uncovering layers of personal advancement – each one deeper than the one before. I can’t wait to see what awaits me during my next six years. Obviously regular training helps your body function better. You feel better. You look better. But the physical part is only a fraction of it.
– Jonathan Willis, age 43

Behind the obvious physical advancements are neurological and psychological benefits, too.

  • Your brain works better
  • Your emotional control improves
  • You expand your connections to others with similar interest in personal advancement

Of course martial arts study helps sharpen your tools of personal protection. A person who has practiced defending and countering 10,000 times certainly has a significant edge.

But not so obvious is the way the practice protects you from some of the most dangerous enemies in our world — lethargy, negative thinking, lack of exercise, apathy, anger, and stress.

“Throughout my day I am responsible for earning an income, serving others, planning what to do tomorrow, and managing what feels like a thousand responsibilities. When I get on the mat, I feel released from those charges. I get grounded and focused. The complexity of the world disappears. I’d say martial arts training is some of the best time I invest in myself.”
– Ed Pullin, age 37, training in To-Shin Do martial arts for 3 years

I always wanted to study martial arts, but I worry about possibly being injured…
SKH Quest To-Shin Do schools define professionalism in martial arts instruction. We insist on:

Safety – Lessons are scientifically taught and safely learned. We use padded training targets and floors covered with thick resilient matting. Safety is #1!

Supervision – Each class is supervised and taught by trained educators. Each instructor has learned how to teach intelligently and effectively to bring out your best. We’re here for you!

Structure – Each lesson follows a carefully designed syllabus of progressive training. You will never be pushed beyond the limits of movement or exertion appropriate for your age, experience, and condition

Dignity – No one is expected to start as a finished product. Each student is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace. Instructors are friendly guides who assist students to find their own way along the martial path. Our training is so enjoyable that many students tell us their To-Shin Do class is the high point of the day.

Do your students have to compete and beat others to advance?
No. SKH Quest To-Shin Do trained teachers in padded armor simulate assaults to let students test themselves under pressure. As a self-defense school, we train for situations very different from a contest ring. Our goal is not to defeat competitors, but to develop the protector skills to establish peace when others might choose violence or bullying. We teach the kinds of awareness, attitudes, and techniques you need to end a fight with a larger attacker, or several attackers, or an armed attacker, and then get to safety – very different from skills needed to win a prize in a fighting contest.

No other martial arts school can offer what we do in such a fun, safe, and positive place!

Our Martial Art

To-Shin Do martial arts training was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being  – command over adversity – never as a way to promote violence. The world needs more protectors, not more predators.

In an over-stressed society, balancing a clear mind, fit body, and centered spirit is the pathway to becoming a tatsujin – a fully actualized person operating masterfully in all areas of life.

In To-Shin Do martial arts training, you will learn methods to deal with:
•    Grappling, throwing, choking, joint locking
•    Striking, kicking, and punching
•    Self defense when pulled to the ground
•    Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense
•    Gun disarms and safety
•    Knife and cane defenses
•    Successfully handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks
•    Overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying

Adventure-based leadership development through martial arts training.
Training for mastery in all forms of conflict is at the heart of To-Shin Do.

You learn adaptive strategic principles along with the tactics, so so you can practice how to take command in times of confusion, confrontation, or discouragement.

When it comes to self development self defense, our art is top-notch, our teachers are unexcelled in expertise, and our curriculum is unparalleled.

Wenn Dich nur einer der folgenden Sätze anspricht, dann wird sich das Weiterlesen für Dich sehr lohnen.

  • Dein Selbstvertrauen könnte größer sein?
  • Du wärst gerne fitter, beweglicher und wacher?
  • Du würdest gerne Menschen in Not helfen können?
  • Als Kind verprügelt, aber die Angst ist manchmal noch da?
  • Du hast Angst vor bedrohlichen Situationen und wärst gerne souveräner?
  • Du würdest Deine Familie gerne beschützen können, weißt aber nicht wie?
  • Wie wäre es, wenn Deine Familie und Deine Freunde riesenstolz auf Dich wären?

Nun, bevor ich Dir erzähle, wie Du die oben genannten Aussagen für Dich erreichen kannst, möchte ich Dir kurz von einem persönlichen Schlüsselerlebnis erzählen:

Wie sich jahrelanges Training für mich ausgezahlt hat

Drei Angreifer, die mich immer wieder attackierten, umkreisten mich. Meist konnte ich den Attacken ausweichen, einen Schlag anbringen oder den Gegner aus der Balance bringen. Mein Adrenalin strömte, mein Herz raste, meine Knie fühlten sich wackelig an und mein Mund war so trocken, daß ich keinen Ton mehr herausbekam.

Das alles fand statt im September 1996 nördlich von Frankfurt. Die drei Angreifer waren Freunde und Trainingspartner und es handelte sich um meine Prüfung zum Schwarzgurt. In Gefahr war ich nicht, aber die Aufregung war echt.

Abends am Lagerfeuer dieses Trainingscamps verkündete mein Lehrer Stephen K. Hayes dann vor allen Teilnehmern, daß ich die Prüfung bestanden hatte.

Ich war überwältigt, fühlte mich wie in Trance. Eine Rede halten? Keine Chance, die Gedanken, Erinnerungen und Emotionen rasten nur so durch mich durch.

Seit frühester Kindheit war es mein Traum, eine Kampfkunst zu erlernen.

Die Möglichkeit, einmal den schwarzen Gürtel selber tragen zu dürfen, schien unerreichbar weit entfernt zu sein. Die Tatsache, daß ich keinen Lehrer in Deutschland, sondern in den USA hatte, machte meinen Weg in den Kampfkünsten nicht leichter oder schneller.

Um zu lernen, reiste ich jahrelang zu Seminaren in ganz Europa und in die USA. Jede erreichbare Information, jede Lektion, jede Technik sog ich wie ein Schwamm auf.

Aber jetzt war es endlich soweit. Ich hatte mein ursprüngliches Ziel erreicht.


Der Wunsch, die Fähigkeiten eines Schwarzgurts in der Kampfkunst zu besitzen ist Dir vielleicht nicht neu.

Du bist da aber auch wirklich nicht alleine. Als Kind wollte ja fast jeder Junge ein Ritter, der Häuptling Winnetou oder sonst ein Held sein. Und jeder möchte selbstsicherer und freier von Angst sein.

All das kannst auch Du erreichen. Du mußt nicht wie ich jahrelang durch die Welt reisen, um eine echte Kampfkunst zu erlernen, denn ich biete Dir die Möglichkeit jetzt und hier diesen Weg zu gehen und über Dich hinaus zu wachsen.

So leicht zugänglich wie heute war Kampfkunst wahrscheinlich noch nie zuvor.


Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

Balance. Inner peace. Self awareness. Confidence.
Mental toughness and a winning edge in life!

To-Shin Do® (pronounced Toh Sheen Doh) is based on ancient warrior martial arts disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese samurai and ninja family lineages. At the same time, ours is a modern approach to handling threats and confrontations likely in our own culture today.


Taijutsu Level 1 – Foundations of Self-Protection

Begin your adventure in effective physical, intellectual, and emotional self-protection – an exciting excursion into empowering self development. To determine the most common surprise attack ambush assaults, we interviewed law enforcement officers, security professionals, nightclub doormen, emergency room doctors – and even coroners. We then designed our first phase to show you how to win in the 12 surprise attacks most likely to occur, how to rescue people in those 12 threat situations, how to use 12 natural body self-defense tools, and how to develop the grounded presence of focused command in high-pressure situations.

Taijutsu Level 2 – Advanced Self-Protection

Build your skills in success-generating principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger as it builds, and capability to respond effectively under pressure. When it is not a surprise attack and you know you must stay and defend yourself, you have to be trained and ready to win a fight. Level 2 adds advanced concepts in fighting footwork and intelligent power. We show you how to develop the eyes and mind to recognize danger as it builds. You can then be in just the right place at just the right moment to control the conflict on your terms.

Taijutsu Level 3 – Path of the Protector Martial Arts

Perfect your protector skills as your training evolves into a personal exploration of power — a path to self-mastery. Learn to use evasive lock-up captures to slip by danger and immobilize an aggressor. Your capacity and confidence evolve as you explore the third-step set of advanced applications leading to Black Belt in To-Shin Do. You live up to your fullest potential, the “exciting peace” of coming home to the truth of just how strong you really are.

Taijutsu Level 4 – Black Belt Mastery

Learning doesn’t stop at Black Belt. That’s where highest mastery begins! Personalize your training for a winning spirit in all of life’s challenges. Advanced skills include how to use less effort to generate more speed and power, how to respond with grace and intelligence when confronted with brutality and ignorance, how to rescue and protect others, and how to deal with multiple attackers, assailants with weapons, or aggressors skilled in street-fighting or other martial arts.


Children 4 to 7 years old have fun learning how to find safety, earn confidence, and gain new skills of thinking, speaking, and acting. Respect for others is taught (kids enjoy helping other kids), with lots of focused concentration (kids thrive on it), and lots of laughter (kids love it). Classes are safe and non-competitive and emphasize learning how to learn. “Confident, On-purpose, On-target, Leadership” – What a C.O.O.L. program for your child.

Warrior Workshops

Weekly optional classes offer a range of special training opportunities.

  • Explore the role of mind, emotion, and awareness through our mind science classes
  • Practice our Ryu-Tai Dragon Body ninja yoga
  • Study classical martial arts in armed and unarmed training from our historical lineages from Japan
  • Learn how to share your knowledge through courses in coaching others to martial arts success
  • Study the techniques of dignitary protection bodyguard roles
  • Tone your body with our Quest Fit fitness classes
  • Become certified in emergency first aid
  • Learn how to deliver -– and take -– a kick or hit in the movies.

Ryu Tai Dragon Body Ninja Yoga

Our body energies work naturally to maintain optimum health and vitality. But over the years we suffer accumulated damage from toxins, stressful living and wear-and-tear.

We can stimulate the body’s three purifying systems of lymph, blood circulation and digestion using the Ryu Tai scientific system of gentle twists, stretches and pressure-point exercises to enhance, restore, and regenerate our health, suppleness, mental clarity and longevity.

Private Lessons

In person at the dojo, or by Skype over the internet, private lessons are a great way to accelerate your progress! We focus on just what you need to learn, and personally coach you towards whatever specific skills and powers you seek.

Phone us at 937 436-9990 so we can find out what you need and how we might build a program for you.